About Ashley

CTIO May 2011

Tololo, May 2011

I grew up in a suburb outside Houston, TX, did my undergrad work at Texas A&M University in Math and Physics (back before they had a proper astronomy program--now they have an excellent bunch of astronomers on the faculty!), and moved one state (and an entire culture) away to do my graduate work at LSU, studying various explosive transient phenomena with Brad Schaefer (see Thesis Research for more details). In my elusive spare time, I knit compulsively. I also enjoy photography, cooking, hiking, and watching an excessive amount of British television, although not all at once.

Brief Educational Summary:
Ph.D., Physics, Louisiana State University, May 2012
M.S., Physics, Louisiana State University, May 2010
B.A., Physics, Texas A&M University, May 2007
B.A., Mathematics, Texas A&M University, May 2007

On-Site Observing Experience:
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 1m (PI, 14 nights, solo, CCD photometry)
Kitt Peak National Observatory 0.9m (PI, 13 nights, 7 solo, 6 observed by colleague, CCD photometry)
McDonald Observatory 2.1m and 0.8m (PI and Co-I, 7 nights each, CCD photometry)
Highland Road Park Observatory 16" and 20" (CCD photometry, visual observations)
Harvard College Observatory (archival plates)
Sonneberg Observatory (archival plates)

Queue/Remote Observing Experience:
Swift UVOT (photometry) and XRT (photometry and spectroscopy)
Hubble Space Telescope ACS, WFPC2, and WFC3 (optical photometry)
Gemini GMOS-S (optical CCD photometry and spectroscopy)
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 1.3m (CCD photometry, optical and near-IR)