PHYS 2102, Dowling's Section 4
General Physics for Technical Students - Spring 2010

LECTURES: All lectures are in 109 Nicholson Hall.

Sec. 4:     TTh 10:40AM–12:00N
J. P. Dowling           
Office hours
:     TTh, 12:00N–1:00PM,    453 Nicholson Hall
(other times by appointment made in advance by email)

Chen Chen, 265 Nicholson Hall
FangYang Liu, 133 Nicholson Hall
Kaushik Seshadreesan,  430 Nicholson Hall
Yan Wu, 265 Nicholson Hall
Office hours: TUE 12:00N–5:30PM, in 102 Nicholson (Physics Tutoring Lab)
(other times by appointment made in advance by email)                                


TEXT: The 8th edition of "Fundamentals of Physics" by Halliday, Resnick and Walker. The LSU bookstore sells a special version of this edition called PHYS2102. Bundled with this book is an access code for WebAssign, the PLUS version. If you have purchased the whole 8th edition you will have to purchase your WebAssign access separately.

A homework assignment consisting of 15-20 problems and a few questions from the text will be assigned on WebAssign once per week.  It will be due on Wednesdays at 2:00 AM. Your login name will be your PAWS login name, and your password will be your LSU ID number. The first assignment is available on WebAssign and is due January 29th at 2AM.

Free physics tutoring
is offered in Nicholson 102 and Middleton 141. The hours are posted here.
Up to 900 minutes of free online tutoring offered here through your PAWS account.
Private tutors (not free) can be found here.
College of Engineering, Diversity Programs, free tutoring, in 2223 Patrick F. Taylor Hall, with hours here.
Academic Center for Student-Athletes, Student Learning Program and free tutoring in Tutorial Center.

Exam I:      6:00–7:00PM THU 11 FEB 2010                                 Formula Sheet   Practice exams
Exam II:     6:00–7:00PM THU 11 MAR 2010                               Formula Sheet   Practice exams         
Exam III:    6:00–7:00PM THU 15 APR 2010                                Formula Sheet   Practice exams      

FINAL:  7:30–9:30AM TUE 11 MAY 2010    DESIGN 103    Formula Sheet   Practice Exams

Exam Solutions: Will be posted on the Main PHYS2102 Web Page.

THERE WILL BE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS. If you have to miss an exam and you have a valid and documented excuse, as per LSU Student Policy 22, you will be allowed to substitute the average grade of your other exam grades (midterm and final exams) for that of the missing exam.


Midterms  -  100 points each
300 points
Final Exam  -  200 points
200 points
Homework   -  50 points
50 points

550 points

Your numerical grade will be the total number of points you obtain, divided by 5.5.
Given your numerical grade, your letter grade will be at least the following:

        A: 90–100      B: 80–89      C: 60–79      D: 50–59      F: <50

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